How Monthly Freezer Meal Club Works

It's a simple process. But if you're still a little confused on how the actual meeting will go, here's a quick  overview.

1) A few weeks before the meeting, 4-6 meals will be posted on the blog. Pick one and comment on the post which meal you'll be preparing.

2) Before the meeting day, buy all the ingredients you need to prep 4 meals (or 5, if there is a rotating spot - you'll be notified if this is the case). Some of the ingredients may be already in your pantry (ie: ground black pepper). Some will not (ie: chicken breasts).

3) If you have meat that needs to be cooked, please do it before the day of the meeting. For example, if you are prepping Chicken Tortilla Soup, it calls for cooked shredded chicken. Please cook and shred the chicken and bring the cooked chicken to Meal Club. All other prep can be done the night of the Meal Club.

4) If possible, please bring your own cutting board and knife. The host will provide FREEZER BAGS for everyone attending (if you need tin casserole dishes for your recipe, let the host know in advance). The host can also provide measuring tools. But it will make it easier if everyone in attendance has their own cutting boards and knives, otherwise we'll all be sharing and the wait will be long!

5) If you want, bring a cooler for transporting ingredients to the Meal Club and bringing prepped meals home. Just trying to stay within the guidelines of Food Safety ;)

6) Everyone will have a chance to host! Note that if you host, we ask you provide FREEZER BAGS (and possibly tin casserole dishes if someone requests it), and possibly the use of your measuring tools. Wine and snacks are nice but optional :)

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